Classic cocktails and creative, artisanal concoctions

Enjoy evening drinks or a pre-dinner aperitivo in The Bar, and delight in a range of classic cocktails and artisanal concoctions, inspired by the Hampshire countryside. Enjoy our ‘At Home in the Countryside’ seasonal cocktails, reflecting the changing ingredients grown in the surrounding parkland, and our ‘What Went Before…’ creations, taking inspiration from the intriguing history of our Estate. A selection of delicious snacks and bites are also available, and frequent events take place at The Bar and Lounge, to welcome the weekend and celebratory holidays.

With the longer days and fresh blooms, comes the arrival of our very own gin at Wild Carrot. Made in small batches using locally sourced ingredients, Wild Carrot Gin is the quintessential taste of the English countryside. Guests will have the chance to enjoy Wild Carrot Gin as a simple but classic G&T, or as part of one of our carefully crafted cocktails such as ‘The Wild Carrot’.